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We are ceaselessly looking for reputable suppliers to improve product quality, ensure science, and be environmentally sustainable. Moreover, the staff will always accompany and support customers at all costs to minimize risks to the lowest level.



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30 - 50




100 +

Successful man

“When I saw people raising shrimp, I imitated them by bringing saltwater into the field, digging square, stocking, feeding, treating pond, etc. but I just failed. When buying products from Green Solutions and meeting their engineers, I understand the new successful processes and techniques. Then, I know how important water treatment is. "

Ms. Van Sua

Deputy Director of Can Cu Hamlet Cooperative (Vinh Thuan)


"I was very nervous after the first stocking. The shrimps were weak and sick a lot. I kept looking around in the market and I found Green Solutions. They consulted me on the breeding process, then I learned that the shrimp was weak and died due to water treatment and pond renovation. So they instructed and worked with me. Up to now, I still use Green Solution products. "

Mr. Tam Khoi (Bac Lieu)

"Shrimp farming requires a lot of capital and has high risks, so it is necessary to be careful or you will lose money. After finishing renovating 5 ponds but I didn't do anything. I was quite worried at that time, so I researched carefully and bought products from Green Solution for water treatment. They conscientiously gave me many helpful advisories. Until now, I still believe in using products of Green Solution."

Mr. Nguyen Van Toi (Soc Trang)

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Distribution System

Distribution System

Green Solutions owns a system of agencies and branches in almost Southern area and Southwest provinces particularly, to support, consult, and supply qualified products to farmers quickly.

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