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Green Solutions is a company that specializes in providing comprehensive solutions in environmental treatment, industrial - domestic wastewater treatment, and aquaculture in particular. The idea comes from our founders when realizing how vital water is to all living species, including human beings, thereby eagerly seeking the best water solutions.With more than 20-year experiences, our founders - a group of engineers always strive to bring the best quality products to customers.

During the journey of realizing the aspiration to improve the water environment, Green Solutions has not only overcome many difficulties but also reaped many achievements. We always put the health and happiness of our customers as well as environment-friendly factors as the principle. We make efforts to create the highest efficiency and satisfy the trust and investment of our customers. With that belief, all of our products undergo rigorous testing and real-life testing to ensure the best value for the farmers.

Areas of work
Green Solutions specializes in importing, supplying, and distributing products to treat industrial - domestic wastewater and agriculture water.
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- Green Solutions carries the responsibility of protecting the environment by providing safe solutions for people, living species, and the environment with high efficiency in water treatment.
- Accompany customers in the development of aquaculture, industrial and domestic wastewater treatment.
- Provide innovative, technology-driven, and cost-effective water environment improvement solutions.
- Become the first choice of customers when looking for water treatment.


We always supply optimal, high-quality, and environment-friendly solutions in water treatment at the most reasonable price as well as become a companion with customers throughout the journey of water resources improvement. The satisfaction, credibility, and return of customers are the measure of Green Solutions' values.

Core value
Credibility - Devotion - Prosperity

Credibility makes the brand

With the motto "Credibility makes the brand", Green Solutions always gives priority credibility, considers the happiness of customers as the goal of the operation, and commits to providing optimal solutions and quality products.

Dedication in each service

Along with products and solutions, we offer our customers dedicated consulting services and attentive after-sales services with a team of high expertise and responsible engineers and consultants to solve challenges in water treatment or aquaculture. Not merely providing products on request, we hope to bring a satisfying and rewarding experience to customers.

Sustainable Development

Water is the core factor of aquaculture, the ecological environment, and social life. For sustainable water preservation and development, the quality of goods plays a key role. Therefore, although Green Solutions' products focus on quality, they are technology-driven and environmental-friendly. Not only improving productivity, minimizing risks, but we also aspire to raise the standard of industrial and domestic water resources and join hands for the sustainable development of community and society.
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Products imported - Credible - Qualified

Products from Green Solution are imported directly from reputable companies around the world with the strict inspection process, quality assurance, and standards.

Products imported - Credible - Qualified